I often forget everything about the books I read, and can watch a film several times, and still never remember how it’s going to end!

This blog is to help keep a record, and to give me a chance to make a few random comments about books, without any pressure of being right or wrong, and with no one’s exam results hanging on what I say!!


19 thoughts on “About

    1. That’s very kind of you. Your blog looks really interesting and I enjoyed the answers to the questions – there are lots of us reading madly, which is amazing considering the amount of TV and online activity going on. Where do we get the time?

  1. Thanks for do!lowing my blog Where Did You Find God Today…maybe you’ll check out my books and decide to read one next? If you click on the cover you can preview each one.

    Enough adv. I hope my blog encourages you to seek the ways God makes Himself known in your life

    1. You too – thanks for following my blog. I don’t often read books about the war, but if you go into non-fiction you might find books of interest – e.g. Sealing Their Fate – about the 22 days leading up to Pearl Harbour. There is also fiction – though mostly about the European war – Young Philby is very good, as is Christine SOE Agent. Have you any recommendations?

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