All My Friends are Superheroes – Andrew Kaufman


Buy it, borrow it steal it but just make sure you read it. So says Scott Pack on the front cover of All My Friends are Superheroes, and no doubt on his blog, which can be found here:

Me and my big mouth – Scott Pack

I’m not so sure.  This was displayed in Waterstones along with other cult classics which I have read and enjoyed.

It’s a quick and easy read with a simple idea – epitomised by the title.  The writer presents the characters in this tale of frustrated romantic love as a series of comic superheroes. There is a lot of fun to be had with comic stereotypes and caricatures –  the stress bunny, the couch surfer.  At the centre of the story is the narrator’s wife, the perfectionist who somehow can never notice him any more.  Will she walk away, or will he break through the invisible wall that prevents her from seeing him?

There was lots of scope here and I really liked the premise: it seems to open up all kinds of opportunities to use the different superheroes as metaphors but the writer did not really develop that aspect and I suppose for me that was a disappointment.

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