The Crossing Places – Elly Griffiths


The Crossing Places is the first in a series about forensic archaeologist Dr Ruth Galloway, set in the salt marshes and flatlands of Norfolk.  It was recommended by my wife’s sister, and we picked up an autographed copy in a bookshop in Ely earlier this year whilst on holiday.

The historical and geographical settings are important in The Crossing Places – and Griffiths captures both well.  The development of the character of Ruth and of DCI Nelson is interesting, and will help sustain the reader’s interest in the series.  They are well delineated and rounded characters,  and could easily be the focus of an adaptation for television.

I have an interest in history, so this element was an added bonus.  The whole was well put together, though I guessed the culprit quite early on and some elements of the denouement, and the portrayal of the victim  were a little thin.  This was counterbalanced by the clear narrative style and the range of interesting characters and situations, and I will certainly read more of Dr Galloway’s adventures in the future.

Elly Griffiths Website

Eurocrime Review of The Crossing Places


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