The Shape of Water – Andrea Camilleri


This Montalbano episode, set as usual in Sicily, was one I clearly remembered from the TV series which we have enjoyed watching.

Once again political corruption and the mafia are at the centre of the plot, and Montalbano performs his usual miraculous tricks in solving the case. In fact for all involved there seems to be no case to answer, but wily old Inspector M sees past the obvious and discovers a crime that is complex and baffling, involving death, sex and betrayal, as well as delicious Italian seafood.

There is no Catarella in this book, which is a pity – I love his character in the TV series. Indeed the incorruptible inspector tackles this case pretty much alone, by dint of his clear, unmuddled intellect.

I plan to read the complete set of Montalbano novels, in time, so I’ll keep the reviews short and sweet.  Hope you enjoy them too!


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