The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society – Mary Ann Shaffer and Annie Barrows

The Guernsey etc was fun read.  It’s an epistolatory novel, which requires and rewards a thoughtful reader, as well as ensuring a quick and easy read.  The voices of the different narrators are not that clearly delineated from each other, but in some ways that’s a good thing as it avoids oversimplification, despite being simpler.

This is I suppose an example of chick lit, though that didn’t make it any the less enjoyable. It certainly tugs at the heart strings. The novel is set in the close aftermath of WW2 on the island of Guernsey, and the sections that address the suffering caused by war are striking. If anything it is these elements that lift the book, though at heart it is a love story. There is a range of interesting characters, though the presentation does rely a little on modern stereotypes – the religious hypocrite, and the iconoclastic female heroine, full of independence and compassion.

In the end this is a feel good book, and it did its job well for me.

Daily Telegraph Review


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