Case Histories – Kate Atkinson

Kate Atkinson’s Case Histories was a delight from beginning to end. She writes with verve and energy, creating larger than life characters and showing us their lives with wit and compassion. Her characters are fully flawed and human: we see the minute details of their lives and thoughts, and their implicit and explicit strengths and weaknesses. In Case Histories she shows the full age range, and life in all its joy, tragedy and frustration.

Atkinson’s detective, Jackson Brodie – is almost tangential to the plot – yet another troubled character. She never tells a story – dropping hints carefully, wrapping them in the gaudy images of her almost magic realism. (If that doesn’t deserve pseuds’ corner, nothing does.)

The plot ends with a twist that is mildly surprising, but the real story here is not about detection, but about wit, compassion and imagination. Kate Atkinson has them all.

Case Studies – Reading Group Guide

Guardian Newspaper review


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