Owen Sheers – Resistance

The Olchon Valley, Black Mountains, Wales Owen Sheers Resistance was another picked up in the remaindered bookshop. I was attracted because I really enjoyed Sheers’ poetry anthology Skirrid Hill, and the book is set in the Black Mountains, an area of Wales in which I have frequently walked. Resistance is the story of England after a World War 2 in which the allies have been defeated. The German invasion is under way, and a platoon of soldiers is sent to a remote Welsh valley; their encounter with the locals is the focus of the story. I really enjoy historical novels, and in a way this fits that genre. The sections where Sheers retells the “history” of WW2, where he writes about the resistance and details conditions under occupation were the ones that interested me most. At other times he provides detailed accounts of the seasons and of life as a hill farmer. I found I could skip and skim these with an easy conscience, though another reader might enjoy them more. The novel builds to an interesting climax and has a denouement which was a little surprising: worth considering, bearing in mind the caveats given.

Review – Resistance


Review of The Farrier – from Skirrid Hill

Review of Mametz Wood – from Skirrid Hill Anthology


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