Ian Sansom – The Book Stops Here

The Book Stops Here is the third volume from Ian Sansom about Israel and Ted, the two ill matched and comical travelling librarians from Northern Ireland, and is just as enjoyable as the first two, which I have already reviewed.

This volume moves to England and allows Sansom to introduce a new range of characters, as well as to remind us of some of the more absurd aspects of the earlier books.  This is not really a mystery, nor detective fiction in the true sense of the word: it is humorous, satirical.  The crime does not even occur till half way through the book, and the interest is not in the way the crime is solved, but in the comic types that Israel and Ted meet along the way.

Apparently a fourth volume of this series is available, and I expect to read it when it becomes available in paperback.

Oldfield Park Bookshop


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