What to read

Have been enjoying catching up on some reading including finishing Mansfield Park.  Not sure about Fanny Price – villain or victim?  Sweet and vulnerable?  Or just as selfish as the rest of the women in her family? (Aunt Norris, Lady Bertram, Julia, Maria and her mum – they all set out to get what they want.)  It was unputdownable.

The biography of Beau Brummell was a treat – some interesting insights into the world of Brighton in the 1790s – a very Jane Austen topic – no wonder it was so shocking – or perhaps no surprise – when Lydia ran off from Brighton with Wickham.

Now reading Uncle Fred in the Springtime – how does he think of the plots?  Sure I’ve read this sometime in the dim and distant past.  Almost frustrating – the disguises – but the high and low characters are straight from the best comedy, and it did make me laugh out loud on a few occasions.




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