Well there we were. It was a cold November evening and I’d been retired for about 8 weeks. Just beginning to think I might like to do something with my life apart from sitting on my new sofa reading Mansfield Park.

Well, actually I had done a few things – such as get my day skipper certificate – which qualifies me to sink a yacht anywhere in the world.

Now it’s about 4 years later.  I don’t even read every day, though most days do begin with a cup of tea and half an hour or so’s reading.  It’s amazing how much I’ve covered in that time.

Just been through and about to try and publish an updatable first page with all my titles for easy reference – after all that was the point – that if I didn’t do a brief review Id forget what I’d read and read them again – and that really would be a waste of time in most cases.


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